Jose Mourino’s noisy start

Jose Mario Dos Santos Mourinho Felix

Tottenham lost their first match of the new season. The north London team played questionable football. There was no direction, pressing and desire to get a ball from the opponent. The performance deserved criticism without doubt.

In Amazon Prime’s a fly on the wall documentary called All or Nothing, the head coach Jose Mourinho stressed he arrived in the middle of the season that made him difficult to put his game into the team. During the last season, he often made bitter jokes of the many injured players too, which was understandable as the key players were out of the squad.

UEFA Champions League Achtelfinale, RB Leipzig — Tottenham Hotspur; Mannschaftsfoto, Aufstellung, team photo Tottenham Hotspur

And, it’s a new and fresh 20/21 season. It’d be fair to say he’s got enough time to know his players and make the footballers understand what football he wants to create with them. Furthermore, fine players from the league who can hit the ground running have been added to his XI.

In the post-match interview, he criticised the players’ lack of enthusiasms linked to pressing upfront, resulting Everton had vast space to enjoy the game and show off their new signing players.

Not only was the way of them playing programmatic, but also criticism toward the players over the poor start, possibl ycausing conflict between them. Jose tended to bring public attention to his relationship with some players previously.

Owing to his honesty, he frequently made unnecessary noise. British media has already concerned about his relationship with Tottenham’s players after the post-interview.

20.10.2015 Kyiv, Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex Champions League. Group stage.

There is no doubt he’s one of the best managers over the two decades. He won titles in every league he was employed. He is employed by the North London team to finish their no title season since 2008.

He wouldn’t have many job opportunities if he failed to bring a trophy to the club. He has to prove he’s still the special one like he claimed himself about 15 years ago. It was just the first match of the long season. There have been many slow-start winners. Football fans and media across the world will keep an eye on his journey, whether that reaches happy ending or stops before the race.

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