Kim Min-Jae in a match Lebanon v South Korea, 14 November 2019 / Wikimedia Commons

South Korean footballer Kim Min-Jae is not a new face in the transfer market. In the previous windows, rumours that multiple clubs in European leagues were interested in signing him were circulating. However, no announcements were made, and he stayed with Beijing Guoan in the Chinese super league for another…

Naver, a Korean version of Google, has announced that it ends a real-time searching rank. The most popular search engine in South Korea started the service 16 years ago. The rank shows what people are searching for in real-time.

Naver main page

As opposed to Google, there are lots of things going on…

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In 2016, Netflix made a debut in South Korea. The country is regarded as one of the most challenging countries for global companies to thrive because of local competitors.

Supermarket giants Walmart and Carrefour did not survive in a tough competition with local supermarket brands such as E-mart and Lotte…

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I am not a big fan of social media. But, I agree that social media connects people across the world and enables people to gain information quickly and easily. However, we tend to get lost because we are weak enough to get distracted by eye-catching posts.

The platforms are intelligent…

Credit: Tottenham Hotspur Twitter

The match was gripping, although it was a one-sided game. Manchester City held high possession throughout the match despite failing to score a goal. Tottenham was utterly disciplined to defend first and counter-attack, which worked out very well. I spotted some interesting points to talk about.

Beast Kyle Walker

As opposed to a…


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